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Filipino Martial Arts

Escrima (Stick), Empty Hand, Sikaran (Kicks), and Blade Defense

Filipino Martial Arts

Filipino Martial Arts are called by a few different names such as Kali, Arnis, or Escrima. Kali is a complete martial art that starts with weapon training (stick applications) and then incorporates empty hand techniques such as strikes and blocks, pressure point techniques, as well as kicks, and take downs.

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Peggy Wall is a certified instructor (Guro) with Creative Defense Systems (CDS) with over a decade of experience in Kali and other martial arts including Modern Arnis, Kombaton, and Filipino Combat Systems (FCS). She also holds a black belt in Taekwondo. Her philosophy is that martial arts is a lifelong journey to become the most complete, safe, healthy, and well-rounded “you” you can be. She specializes in teaching women’s self-defense.

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